Oskar Nordström Skans new Professor at the Department

Awards to our master students

Two of the department's former master students, Dagmar Müller (currently Ph D student at the department) and Lars Petersson, have won prestigious awards for their master's theses.

Eminent Project

One of this year’s Ragnar Söderberg Project in Economics has been awarded to Mikael Carlsson, Teodora Borota Milicevic, Lena Hensvik, and Oskar Nordström Skans.

Department of Economics

We offer undergraduate (BA), graduate (MA) and PhD-level courses. The research conducted at the Department is mainly focused on the fields of labour economics, macroeconomics and public economics.


Lic. Seminar

Wed. , April 23
Erik Spector,
Uppsala University
"Counter-cyclicality of the Firm-Level External Finance Premium" and "Firm-Level Product Demand Shocks and Balance Sheet Dynamics"

Lic. Seminar

Thur. , April 24
Johan Grip,
Uppsala University
"Why did the Riksbank miss its target? A Swedish Phillips curve"

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