PhD Programme in Economics

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Our four-year programme prepares you for a career in academia as well as 
for qualified positions in government ministries and agencies, international organisations and the private sector.

The department’s supervising capacity is particularly strong in labour economics, macroeconomics, political economics and public economics. We offer an intellectually stimulating and international research environment with several research seminars each week and a large flow of international guests.

Faculty and staff

Meet four of our PhD students

  • Rinni Sharma

  • Raoul van Maarseveen

  • Davide Gandolfi

  • Cristina Bratu

PhD programme outline

The PhD Programme in Economics comprises 240 ECTS, of which coursework constitutes 90 ECTS and thesis work 150 ECTS.

The first year (60 ECTS) comprises the mandatory courses for PhD studies:

  • Mathematical Methods (5+7.5 ECTS),
  • Microeconomics (5+5+5 ECTS),
  • Macroeconomics (7.5+7.5 ECTS) and
  • Econometrics (7.5+5 ECTS) together with Statistical Preliminaries (2.5 ECTS) and Time Series Analysis (2.5 ECTS).

In addition to the mandatory courses, a large number of optional courses are available in collaboration with the Stockholm School of Economics and Stockholm University. All PhD courses are conducted in English.

To be awarded the PhD degree, the student must achieve a pass grade in all courses and must have completed a doctoral thesis that has been defended in a public disputation. The doctoral thesis consists of 3–5 articles written in journal format and a summary of the articles. These articles can be either single-authored or co-authored. 

The department provides funding for its PhD students from the first working day.

Last modified: 2023-08-04