ASWEDE Conference 4-5 April

Conference on Development Economics, Uppsala University, Department of Economics 4-5 April, 2019.

The fifth ASWEDE conference in Development Economics will be hosted by the Department of Economics, Uppsala University on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 of April, 2019.* ASWEDE promotes scientific research in development economics through workshops and conferences, and supports cooperation between development economists active in Sweden. The conference is open to development economists active in and outside of Sweden.
We now invite submissions for the ASWEDE conference from researchers and PhD students on any topic within the area of Development Economics. The deadline for submission is March 10, 2019.

The conference starts before noon Thursday April 4 and ends in the afternoon of Friday April 5. To encourage an interactive conference, the program will contain a mix of shorter and longer presentations; open both to graduate students and senior researchers. The shorter presentations can include a brief discussion of new ideas, getting feedback on survey design, or more developed papers. While conference attendance is not conditional on presenting, we strongly encourage participants to present some work, even if very preliminary. There will be a conference dinner on Thursday evening.

Participants interested in presenting in the longer sessions should submit full papers while an abstract is sufficient to signal an interest in the shorter slots. All submissions as well as the intent to participate should be sent to Please indicate in the email if you request funding from ASWEDE.

The scientific committee: Niklas Bengtsson, Uppsala University, Martina Björkman-Nyqvist, Stockholm School of Economics, Andreas Madestam, Stockholm University and Jakob Svensson, IIES Stockholm University.

On behalf of the board of ASWEDE and the local organizers,
Pelle Ahlerup, Niklas Bengtsson, Martina Björkman-Nyqvist, Ann-Sofie Isaksson, Andreas Madestam, Anders Olofsgård, Jakob Svensson.