Lindahl Lectures of 2022

New Approaches to Labor Supply Estimation: Children, Policies and Norms

The Lindahl lectures of 2022 will be held by Professor Henrik Kleven, Princeton University. 

Lecture 1

The Geography of Child Penalties and Gender Norms: Evidence from the United States

Place: Monday Dec. 5 Universitetshuset Sal IX, 10:15-12:00

Lecture 2

Taxing Top Earners: Dynamic Compensation and Long Run Responses

Place: Tuesday Dec. 6 Universitetshuset Sal IV, 10:15-12.00

Lecture 3

The EITC and the extensive Margin: A Reappraisal

Place: Wednesday Dec. 7 Universitetshuset Sal IX, 10.15-12.00

Last modified: 2022-11-25