Maria Olsson recruited to Norway


Maria Olsson, one of our Job Market Candidates, has found a job at the Business School in Oslo. Maria Olsson will defend her thesis Essays on Macroeconomics: Wage Rigidity and Aggregate Fluctuations in June.

Maria Olsson

Hi Maria and congratulations on your new job! What will you will be doing?

Thank you! My new position is as assistant professor at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. I will work with research and teaching and start my new job during the autumn of 2020.

What do you think your earlier research and your time at Uppsala University will contribute to in your new job?

Everything! During my time at the department, I have learned all the tools that makes a good researcher and the research environment have led to fruitful projects and research proposals that I look forward to develop. In the coming years, I will continue to explore the research path that I embarked upon during my PhD-studies.

What are you looking forward to in particular in your new job?

I look forward to continue working within empirical macroeconomics and labor economics, and to do that together with a very competent team of researchers. I have new exiting projects that I look forward to dedicate my time to. I am keen to develop both as a researcher and teacher, and look forward to learning more about the Norwegian economy.

Last modified: 2022-10-07