Department of Economics and IBF in new collaboration with Uppsala Municipality


Uppsala Municipality allocates SEK 3 million to a new research program aimed at strengthening the quantitatively oriented urban research.

Per-Anders Edin and Matz Dahlberg

The new collaboration is the result of a larger collaboration agreement between Uppsala University and Uppsala Municipality, which deals with sustainable community building.

The purpose is to build a multidisciplinary research program for quantitative studies of issues related to cities and urbanization. The main focus will be to strengthen the quantitative research that is being conducted today in the field of economics and social sustainability at IBF (Institute for Housing and Urban Research) and the Economics department.

-This is an initiative that will strengthen Uppsala University's prominent position in quantitative urban research, says Matz Dahlberg, Professor of Economics at IBF, who will lead the work on the new project.

Thanks to the access to rich register data, Swedish research has great opportunities to stay at the international forefront regarding issues related to, among other things, urbanization processes linked to the housing market, segregation, inequality, childhood conditions and technological development.

-In this research program, we get the opportunity to develop collaborations between researchers who focus on answering complex societal questions with the help of quantitative analysis, where statistical methods are applied to data from detailed register databases, says Per-Anders Edin, Head of the Economics Department.


On Wednesday, Uppsala University and Uppsala Municipality issued a joint press release describing the new collaboration.

Read the press release (in Swedish): The university and the municipality are collaborating on sustainable social development

Last modified: 2023-06-21