Admission to the PhD programme 2019


The department has admitted 11 PhD students to the PhD program starting autumn 2019.

Welcome to the department!

Malin Backman
MSc in Economics, Uppsala University

Hanfeng Chen
MSc in Economics, Norwegian School of Economics

Erika Kankkunen
MSc in Economics, Uppsala University

Akib Khan
MSc in Economics, University of Dhaka

Gabriella Kindström
MSc in Economics, Uppsala University

Daniel Klug Nogueira
MSc in Economics, São Paulo State University
MSc in Mathematics, University of Brasilia

Hiep Nguyen
MSc in Economics, Waseda University

Qingyan Peng
MSc in Economics and Social Sciences, Bocconi University

Lovisa Rambjer
MSc in Economics, Stockholm School of Economics

Rinni Sharma
MSc in Economics, South Asian University

Zunyuan Zheng
MSc in Economics, National University of Singapore

Last modified: 2022-10-07