Uppsalaekonomerna – wins SM in Economics


We are proud to announce that Uppsalaekonomerna won this year's edition of SM in Economics.

The competition took place in Karlstad 4–7 May. The Uppsala team consisted of Isak Lundblom, Nils Dahl and Felix Blom Widerlöv, who are all studying the Bachelor's Programme in Business and Economics at Uppsala University.

Portrait picture.
Isak Lundblom, Nils Dahl and Felix Blom Widerlöv

SM in Economics wants to spread interest in economics and motivate studies in business and economics. All universities that teach economics can participate with a team of three students. The competition is arranged by Sveriges Ekonomiförenigars Riksorganisation (S.E.R.O.).

The last time Uppsalaekonomerna won the SM in economics was in 2015.

Last modified: 2023-06-21