Seminar: Is AI development going too fast?


Georg Graetz, associate professor of economics at the Department of Economics, is participating in a seminar on artificial intelligence at SNS on May 9. 

Portrait picture.
Georg Graetz. Photo Mikael Wallerstedt

When ChatGPT4 was launched, a new debate arose around opportunities and risks with AI. Many AI experts have warned about the development and have asked that the development of new AI be stopped. Others believe that the criticism is exaggerated.

Georg Graetz will discuss the consequences of AI on the economy, society and the labor market together with Joakim Wernberg and Sara Öhrvall.

Georg Graetz is co-author of the SNS Economic Council Report 2023: "Structural transformation in the Swedish labor market: Consequences and policy measures" and the SNS analysis "Robotar som jobbar" from 2015.

Last modified: 2023-06-21