Stipends from the Ingemar Carlsson Memorial Fund


The Economics Association in Uppsala annually awards stipends from the Ingemar Carlsson Memorial Fund to students who, through their thesis, have displayed a “special aptitude for the subject Economics”. Stipends this year total 24,000 SEK.

This year’s awardees are:

August Wadell Leimdörfer for the master thesis “We can’t always get what we need - A methodological study on the trade-off between disease severity and treatment effect in Swedish healthcare prioritization using a discrete choice experiment”.

Theresa Olofsson and Sandra Törnquist for the bachelor thesis ”Hem ljuva hem? En empirisk studie av sambandet mellan skillnader i könsspecifik arbetslöshet och våld mot kvinnor i hemmet”.

Maja Pekkari and Veronica Fransson for the bachelor thesis “E-wallet For Empowerment? A Minor field study on the impact of Digital Financial Services on Financial inclusion and Women’s Empowerment in Jordan”.

Last modified: 2023-06-21