Teachers receive teaching awards


Two of our fantastic teachers have received teaching awards. Che-Yuan Liang received the Teacher of the year award from Föreningen Uppsalaekonomerna and Mikael Carlsson received the Uppsala Politiciesstuderande Teaching award 2022.

The motivation from Föreningen Uppsalaekonomerna for giving Che-Yuan Liang the Teacher of the year award was:

Che-Yuan Liang

Che succeeds with enthusiasm and empathy in making microeconomics accessible and fun. He guides the students through game theory and market equilibrium while being generous with himself, laughter and coffee. The result is lectures with a high attendance and great commitment. With personal and relevant examples, he captures the students in the auditorium while creating interest and motivation for further studies in the subject and is a prime example of a teacher with outstanding pedagogical skills.

Read more about Che and the price in Föreningen Uppsalaekonomerna's latest issue of Reversen.

Mikael Carlsson received the Uppsala Politiciesstuderande teaching award with the motivation:

Mikael Carlsson

For guiding students through the macro course with fantastic pedagogical ability and with a twinkle in the eye, at the same time as the course content is constantly linked to the current world situation. He is responsive to questions, thoughts and needs, and strives for students not only to learn but also to understand. He makes the students feel seen and is described by many as a ”nice guy”. His lectures are characterized by an encouraging atmosphere and a good learning environment. Mikael is simply a good teacher, esteemed lecturer and one who gilds our student days in Uppsala.

Read about the award and see Mikael's diploma here.

Last modified: 2023-06-21