IMF presents latest World Economic Outlook report: A Greener Labor Market


Niels-Jakob H. Hansen and Phillip Barrett, at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will join us at Ekonomikum on Wednesday 11 May, 09.15-10.00, Lecture hall 3, to present the key findings from the World Economic Outlook report, chapter 1: ”Global Prospects and Policies” and chapter 3 “A Greener Labor Market: Employment, Policies, and Economic Transformation”.

To mitigate global warming and keep global temperature rise to well-below two degrees C, the world must reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. The policies to spur the green economic transformation needed to achieve this goal will also entail a transformation of the labor market. In order to better understand these changes in employment, the IMF examines the following issues. Firstly: What are the environmental characteristics of the jobs and how are they currently distributed in the labor market? Second, how easily do workers switch from more pollution-intensive jobs to greener jobs? Finally, what policies can encourage the green transformation and facilitate the transition of workers to more greener jobs?

The World Economic Outlook is the IMF's annual flagship report and receives a great deal of attention in policy circles around the world every year. The presenters have been involved in writing the report.

Time and place: Wednesday 11 May, 09.15-10.00 in Lecture hall 3, Ekonomikum
Language: English


Last modified: 2022-10-07