Transfer of course credits

Courses taken at a foreign university can usually be credited towards a degree at Uppsala University. Courses taken at other Swedish universities and colleges can usually be included in a degree from Uppsala University without a decision on transfer of course credits.

To credit courses in Economics and other subjects taken at foreign universities, you apply for a transfer of credits to the Graduation Office. The transfer of credits is done after you return home from the exchange.

Courses in Economics that are credited should be at a level equivalent to Economics A, B, C or the Master's level.

Before you go on an exchange, it is advisable that you check with us whether the courses you plan to take can be credited as courses in Economics. Such a request should include course syllabuses, with information on course content, course literature, course level, and course length in English.

If you have questions about transfer of credits for courses in Economics, you should contact Associate Professor Stefan Eriksson.

Last modified: 2023-08-01