Exams in August


2NE675 Economics B: Economics of Development 2022-08-25


2NE821 Econometric Theory 2022-08-15

2NE834 Applied Macroeconomics 2022-08-15

2NE814 Macroeconomic Theory 2022-08-16

2NE832 Labour Economics 2022-08-19

2NE822 Applied Econometrics 2022-08-19

2NE813 Topics in Microeconomics 2022-08-19

2NE812 Analytical Methods 2022-08-22

2NE823 Policy Evaluation 2022-08-22

2NE831 Financial Theory 2022-08-22

2NE811 Microeconomic Theory 2022-08-26

2NE836 Health Economics 2022-08-26

If you can’t register for the exam in Ladok, please contact studentadmin@nek.uu.se. We will answer e-mails irregularly during vacation, but we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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