Doctoral thesis

The work on the doctoral thesis begins during the second year of PhD studies. The thesis usually consists of 3-5 articles written in journal format and a summary of the articles. These articles can be either single-authored or co-authored with a supervisor, other researchers or other doctoral students. The quality requirement is that each article must be publishable – although not necessarily published – in an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Professors and associate professors from within the department supervise the thesis work, but other researchers may also contribute as assistant supervisors. For the doctoral student to be able to successfully complete the thesis in time, it is important that there is good compatibility between the supervisor and the subject area of the thesis. The department’s supervisory capacity is particularly strong in the following research areas:

  • Labor economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Political economics
  • Public economics

In the final phase of the thesis work, the doctoral student’s work is scrutinised by an external reviewer as part of a final seminar. Once the thesis has been finished, it must be defended at a public disputation, where the external reviewer is drawn from a university other than Uppsala University. The examining committee at the disputation awards the thesis a grade that is either a pass or a fail. The examining committee consists of three members: one member comes from the Department of Economics, one member is from another department within the Faculty of Social Sciences at Uppsala University, and a third member comes from another higher education institution.

Doctoral Theses