Equality of Opportunity

Uppsala University and Stockholm University, Spring 2019

Format: This course consists of 9 three hour lectures at Uppsala University.

Teachers: Peter Fredriksson (UU), Hans Grönqvist (UU) and Peter Nilsson (SU)

Description: This course is about the economic approach to analyze questions related to inequality. We cover topics in labor economic and related fields including: (i) Social costs of inequality, (ii) Criminal behavior, (iii) Policies to disadvantaged groups, (iv) Places and neighborhoods, (v) Health inequalities (vi) Early life disadvantage, (vii) Social interactions. The aim of the course is to provide an overview to the literature with a focus on work in the research frontier. We will also highlight recent job market papers of high quality. For each topic we will typically start by providing stylized facts and a theoretical framework, and then give an overview of the literature where we discuss key studies in detail. Another goal is to give Ph.D.-students early in their careers exposure to carrying out their own empirical micro-oriented research. To achieve this attention will be paid to the different steps in the research process including: idea generation, how to find appropriate data, econometric methods to answer the question at hand, etc.

Examination: Students are expected to carry out their own original research to meet the course requirements. The examination consists of a term paper on some of the topics covered (broadly defined). Students are expected to present their term paper in the end of the course.