FAQ Master's Programme in Economics

1. Is it possible to register for more than a full-time course load?

Yes, but students subject to study fees may only register for the amount of courses they have paid for. We allow students to register for up to 45 credits each semester.

2. Do I need to apply/register for courses?


3. Do I need to register for exams?


4. What if I fail an exam?

You will be offered opportunities for re-examination. You can get “pass with distinction” on re-exams.

5. Can I take courses in the PhD programme?

Depending on your background, we may let you take some course in the PhD programme, but in general we advise against it. See below.

6. Is it a good idea to take courses at the PhD level, if I want to continue with PhD studies?

In general, it is not. There are two reasons for this. The first is that you in that case miss some of the more applied master courses which are very useful for writing a good thesis (this is very important when applying to a PhD programme). Second, history shows that many fail the exams given in PhD courses, which is not a good sign to the committees deciding on acceptance to PhD programmes. Getting high grades on master courses and writing a good thesis gives you the best chance for being accepted for a PhD programme.

7. How do I apply to courses in the standard track?

Through universityadmissions.se. The deadlines are (minor variations may occur): 15 April (for the fall) and 15 October (for the spring). You have to log on before you choose courses. Do not log on with your universityadmissions.se account, you can use Uppsala University’s student account to log in. Choose Uppsala University from the list of universities in the grey box.

8. How do I apply to courses at other departments?

Some courses are open to Master’s students through the national application system, universityadmissions.se (in that case, see above). You may find other courses through the respective departments’ homepages. You then need to contact the director or student counselor at the responsible department.

9. MFS (minor field studies) – how does it work?

MFS-issues are handled by Niklas Bengtson. You find general information about MFS here. Please note that it only applies to Swedish students (Swedish citizens or students with permanent residence permits).

10. Are there any strictly mandatory courses in the programme?

Except for the thesis, no course is strictly mandatory. However, for most students the standard track is strongly recommended. Without the first year courses, it is very difficult to follow some of the courses offered later in the programme.

11. What happens if I do not get a passing grade on my thesis?

You will have to re-register the next term. You do not need to redo the start-up exam if you have done this before. However, the final exam is compulsory even if you have done it before. You are only guaranteed supervision from an advisor the first term you write your thesis. If you need more than one term, it is up to the advisor to decide how much supervision he/she can provide.

12. Who grades the thesis?

The thesis is graded by your advisor and an assigned co-evaluator. You find more information about the grading process and the formal grading criteria on the course page on Studium.

13. If I fail to complete the programme within two years, what happens then?

If you do not need a visa to study in Sweden, you simply reregister and complete the course(s) next semester(s). If you need a visa, the Swedish migration board will require a certificate from the department stating that you are still studying, and preferably an estimate of when you will graduate. If you have been inactive (i.e. not taken any credits) for 1–2 semesters, we will not be able to certify that you are still an active student.

14. What are the formal requirements for a Master’s degree in economics?

You need the following:

  • i) 30 ECTS-credits on advanced level in economics
  • ii) 30 ECTS-credits on advanced level in any subject
  • iii) 30 ECTS-credits on any level in any subject
  • iv) 30 ECTS-credits thesis

It is only the thesis which is formally required to be written at the department. However, please note that the host university of the last course studied, which is included in the degree, is the university which issues the degree diploma.

15. How do I obtain my degree certificate?

The degree certificates are issued by the graduation office of Uppsala University. You find more information on how to apply for your degree certificate here.

16. How do I transfer course credits from a non-Swedish university?

Courses which have been completed at a foreign university may be included in a degree at Uppsala University. For courses in economics, you should apply to the Department of Economics. Please contact Stefan Eriksson, stefan.eriksson@nek.uu.se.

Before your departure, it is advisable that you make sure that the courses you plan to take will be approved by the Department of Economics. This kind of inquiry should include information about course content, reading list, level and length. Please note that it may take a few weeks to process such a request.

Transferring course credits towards your degree is done after your return. The form on the link below should be used. An official record of completed courses should be enclosed with the application. The application should include information in Swedish or English about course content, reading list, level, length, and system of credits and grading. Please note that it may take a few weeks to process such an application.

Form for transferring foreign course credits (Swedish only, contact your study counsellor for help.)

For courses in other subjects, you should apply to the Graduation Office. Instructions for how to apply can be found here.

Last modified: 2021-06-29