If you intend to write the exam, you must register in Ladok. This applies to both exams and re-exams. Registration closes 12 days before the exam, so make sure to register well in advance. If you will not write the exam, it is important that you un-register. You can un-register in Ladok.

When the registration is closed, you will receive an e-mail, which confirms that you are registered. In the same message, you will receive an anonymity code, which you must denote on the exam. It is important that you do not write down your name or Swedish social security number on your exam. All students must be anonymous to the person who corrects.

Take out your exam

When the correction of the exam is complete you can collect your exam in the reception at Ekonomikum, which is located at entrance 10B. Remember to bring valid ID.


Last modified: 2022-11-11