Our alumni share their stories

With a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in economics from Uppsala University there are many available career paths. We have interviewed several of our alumni about their time in Uppsala, why they chose to study economics, and how their degrees have helped them in their work life.

Read the alumni interviews, conducted in Swedish, below.

Intervju med vår alumn Helena Hernnäs om att jobba i EU

Helena Hernnäs läsa sin kandidatexamen vid nationalekonomiska institutionen. I en intervju med Universitets- och Högskolerådet pratar hon om sina studier och hur hennes kunskaper hjälpt henne i karriären. 

Survey for master's student alumni 2021

The Alumni Masters Students Survey shows that 85% of the students were satisfied or very satisfied with their education.

Anna Gedda - Head of Sustainability at H&M group

Anna Gedda received her Bachelor’s degree in economics in 2007. Today she works as Head of Sustainability at H&M group.

The full interview with Anna in Swedish

Last modified: 2023-08-04