Lindahl Lectures at the Department of Economics

Erik Lindahl (1891-1960) was a Professor of Economics at Uppsala University 1942-58. In 1986, the University decided to establish a series of lectures in honour of Lindahl’s contributions to economic science. 

The 2017 lectures were given on 12-13 September by Professor Claudia Goldin, Harvard University. The theme of the lectures is "Career and Family: Collision Course or Confluence of Desires?".

The 2013 lectures were given on April 24-25 by Professor Thomas Piketty, Paris School of Economics. The theme of the lectures was “Inequality and Capitalism in the Long Run”.

The 2010 lectures were given on November 22–24 by Professor Ernst Fehr, University of Zurich. The theme of the lectures was “Origins and Determinants of Human Preferences”.

The 2008 lectures are were  given on October 28-30 by Professor Lars E O Svensson, Deputy Governor, Sveriges Riksbank. His lectures dealt  with "Monetary Policy in Theory and Practice".

The 2006 Lindahl Lectures were given on November 21-23 by Professor Richard Blundell, University College London. The theme of the lectures was Evaluating Welfare Reforms.

2004 Professor Edward L. Glaeser
Cities, Agglomeration, and Spatial Equilibrium

2002 Professor Timothy Besley
Principled Agents? The Political Economy of Good Government

1999 Professor Peter A. Diamond
Social Security Reform

1996 Professor Agnar Sandmo
The Public Economics of the Environment

1993 Professor Mervyn King
Financial Markets and Economic Policy

1991 Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz
The New Welfare Economics: Public Policy in the Presence of Asymmetric Information

1989 Professor Anthony B. Atkinson
Public Economics in Action. The Basic Income/Flat Tax Proposal

1987 Professor Dale W. Jorgenson
Tax Reform and the Cost of Capital