Who are the women at the top?


Kristin Gunnarsson, doctoral student at the Department of Economics, presents her SNS report on Swedish women's representation at the top together with co-authors Anne Boschini and Jesper Roine on the International Women's Day on 8 March.

In recent years, the highest income group has received much attention. But not so much is known about female top earners. Against this background, economists Anne Boschini, Kristin Gunnarsson and Jesper Roine have studied Swedish women's representation at the top. Where does their money come from? Who are they living with? How long do they stay on top? In what ways do men and women differ? And how has it changed since the 1970s?

The researchers' study is summarized in a new SNS report, presented at a seminar on 8 March at 9.00-10.15 on SNS, Jakobsbergsgatan 18, Stockholm.

Read the research on which the report is based:

Working Paper 2018: 3 Boschini Gunnarsson Roine


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