Research grant from the Swedish Research Council


The research project "Evaluating the impact of asylum policies on refugees' short- and long-run integration" receives a grant of SEK 3066 000 from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet).

The project is chaired by Linna Martén who obtained her PhD at the Department of Economics, Uppsala University, and is currently a post-doc at the Stanford Immigration Policy Lab. The project participants include Jens Hainmueller (professor at Stanford University) and Dominik Hangartner (professor at ETH Zurich).

Linna Martén

– During the last years European governments have struggled with the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War. As more and more people flee civil war and natural disasters, the refugee receiving countries are faced with a fundamental challenge: how to best integrate the massive number of refugees, who are likely to remain in the country for good. This project aims at identifying how to (re)design the asylum process to facilitate rapid and effective integration, says Linna Martén.

The project will evaluate a number of reforms of the Swedish asylum regulation (e.g. type of residence permit, access to work permits, and the possibility to apply for family reunion) that are likely to affect refugees’ integration. By using Swedish register data it is possible to follow refugees and their families over time, and quantify the causal effects of these policies on a wide range of important integration outcomes including educational achievement, employment, income, social networks, and naturalization. The researchers will also conduct a survey of newly arrived refugees to capture dimensions of integration that are not available in the register data (e.g. knowledge about the Swedish society).


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