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Anna Norén
Caring, Sharing, and Childbearing: Essays on labor supply, infant health, and family policies.
Economic studies 173 [Abstract]

Jacob Lundberg
Essays on Income Taxation and Wealth Inequality
​Economic studies 172 [Abstract]

Josefine Andersson
Insurances against job loss and disability. Private and public interventions and their effects on job search and labor supply
​Economic studies 171 [Abstract]

Jenny Jans
Causes and Consequences of Early-life Conditions: Alcohol, Pollution and Parental Leave Policies
​Economic studies 170 [Abstract]

Evelina Björkegren
Family, Neighborhoods, and Health: Conditions for the Development of Human Capabilities
​Economic studies 169 [Abstract]

Sebastian Escobar
Essays on inheritance, small businesses and energy consumption
​Economic Studies 168 [Abstract]

Ylva Moberg
Gender, Incentives, and the Division of Labor
​Economic Studies 167 [Abstract]

​Jon Frank
Essays on Corporate Finance and Asset Pricing
​Economic Studies 166 [Abstract]


Mattias Öhman
Essays on Cognitive Development and Medical Care
Economic Studies 165 [Abstract]

Sebastian Axbard
Crime, Corruption and Development
Economic Studies 164 [Abstract]

Glenn Mickelsson
DSGE Model Estimation and Labor Market Dynamics
​Economic Studies 163 [Abstract]

Linuz Aggeborn
Essays on Politics and Health Economics​
Economic Studies 162 [Abstract]

Olof Rosenqvist
Essays on Determinants of Individual Performance and Labor Market Outcomes
Economic Studies 161 [Abstract]

Linna Martén, Uppsala university
Essays on Politics, Law, and Economics
Economic Studies 160 [Abstract]

Rachatar Nilavongse, Uppsala universitet
Housing, Banking and the Macro Economy
Economic Studies 159 [Abstract]

Johannes Hagen, Uppsala universitet
Essays on Pensions, Retirement and Tax Evasion
Economic Studies 158 [Abstract]

Yuwei De Gosson De Varennes
Benefit Design, Retirement Decisions and Welfare Within and Across Generations in Defined Contribution Pension Schemes
Economic Studies 157 [Abstract]

Gabriella Chirico Willstedt
Demand, Competition and Redistribution in Swedish Dental Care
Economic Studies 156 [Abstract]


Lovisa Persson, Uppsala university
Essays on Politics, Fiscal Institutions, and Public Finance
Economic Studies 155 [Abstract]

Jonas Poulsen
Essays on Development and Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa
Economic Studies 154 [Abstract]

Ina Blind
Essays on Urban Economics
Economic Studies 153 [Abstract]

Fredrik Sävje
What would have happened? Four essays on causality
Economic Studies 152 [Abstract]

Selva Bahar Baziki
Firms, International Competition, and the Labor Market
Economic Studies 151 [Abstract]

Michihito Ando
Essays on the Evaluation of Public Policies
Economic Studies 150 [Abstract]

Erik Spector
Financial Frictions and Firm Dynamics
Economic Studies 149 [Abstract]


Daniel Avdic
Microeconometric analyses of individual behavior in public welfare systems: Applications in health and education economics"
Economic Studies 143 [Abstract]

Arizo Karimi
Impacts of Policies, Peers and Parenthood on Labor Market Outcomes
Economic studies 144 [Abstract]

Karolina Stadin
Employment Dynamics
Economic Studies 145 [Abstract]

Haishan Yu
Essays on Environmental and Energy Economics
Economic Studies 146 [Abstract]

Martin Nilsson
Essays on Health Shocks and Social Insurance
Economic Studies 147 [Abstract]

Tove Eliasson
Empirical essays on wage setting and immigrant labor market opportunities
Economic Studies 148 [Abstract]


Vesna Corbo
Monetary Policy, Trade Dynamics, and Labor Markets in Open Economies
Economic studies 130 [Abstract]

Mattias Nordin
Information, Voting Behavior and Electoral Accountability
Economic studies 131 [Abstract]

Ulrika Vikman
Benefits or Work? Social Programs and Labor Supply
Economic studies 132 [Abstract]

Susanne Ek
Essays on unemployment insurance design
Economic studies 133 [Abstract]

Göran Österholm
Essays on Managerial Compensation
Economic studies 134 [Abstract]

Adrian Adermon
Essays on the transmission of human capital and the impact of technological change
Economic studies 135 [Abstract]

Jonas Kolsrud
Insuring Against Unemployment
Economic studies 136 [Abstract]

Kajsa Hanspers
Essays on Welfare Dependency and the Privatization of Welfare Services
Economic Studies 137 [Abstract]

Anna Persson
Activation Programs, Benefit Take-Up, and Labor Market Attachment
Economic Studies 138 [Abstract]

Mattias Engdahl
International Mobility and the Labor Market
Economic Studies 139 [Abstract]

Krzysztof Karbownik
Essays in education and family economics
Economic Studies 140 [Abstract]

Oscar Erixson
Economic Decisions and Social Norms in Life and Death Situations
Economic Studies 141 [Abstract]

Pia Fromlet
Essays on Inflation Targeting and Export Price Dynamics
Economic Studies 142 [Abstract]


Spencer Bastani
Essays on the Economics of Income Taxation
Economic studies 129 [ Abstract]


Johanna Rickne
Essays on Development, Institutions and Gender
Economic Studies 126 [abstract]

Lena Hensvik
The effects of markets, managers and peers on worker outcomes
Economic Studies 127 [abstract]

Heléne Lundqvist
Empirical Essays in Political and Public
Economics Economic Studies 128 [Abstract


Elly-Ann Johansson
Essays on schooling, gender, and parental leave
Economic studies 121 [abstract]

Caroline Hall
Empirical Essays on Education and Social Insurance Policies
Economic studies 122 [abstract]

Cecilia Enström Öst
Housing policy and family formation
Economic studies 123[abstract]

Jakob Winstrand
Essays on Valuation of Environmental Attributes
Economic Studies 124 [abstract]

Johan Söderberg
Price Setting, Inflation Dynamics, and Monetary Policy
Economic Studies 125 [abstract


Hans Grönqvist
Essays in Labor and Demographic Economics
Economic studies 114 [abstract]

Niklas Bengtsson
Essays in Development and Labor Economics
Economic studies 115 [abstract]

Johan Vikström
Incentives and Norms in Social Insurance: Applications, Identification and Inference
Economic studies 116 [abstract]

Qian Liu
Essays on Labor Economics: Education, Employment, and Gender
Economic studies 117 [abstract]

Erik Glans
Pension reforms and retirement behaviour
Economic studies 118 [abstract]

Robin Douhan
Development, Education and Entrepreneurship
Economic studies 119

Peter Nilsson
Essays on Social Interactions and the Long-term Effects of Early-life Conditions
Economic studies 120 [abstract]


Jenny Nykvist
Self-employment Entry and Survival - Evidence from Sweden
Economic Studies 109 [abstract]

Håkan Selin,
Four Empirical Essays on Responses to Income Taxation
Economic Studies 110 [abstract]

Erica Lindahl
Empirical studies of public policies within the primary school and the sickness insurance
Economic studies 111 [abstract]

Che-Yuan Liang
Essays in Political Economics and Public Finance
Economic studies 112[abstract]

Mikael Elinder
Essays on Economic Voting, Cognitive Dissonance, and Trust
Economic studies 113 [abstract]


Jovan Zamac
Education, pensions, and demography
Economic Studies 100 [Abstract]

Erik Post
Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Exchange Rate Policy
Economic Studies 101 [Abstract]

Mikael Nordberg
Allies Yet Rivals: Input Joint Ventures and Their Competitive Effects
Economic Studies 102 [Abstract]

Fredrik Johansson
Essays on Measurement Error and Nonresponse
Economic Studies 103 [Abstract]

Mattias Haraldsson
Essays on Transport Economics
Economic Studies 104 [Abstract]

Karin Edmark
Strategic Interactions among Swedish Local Governments
Economic Studies 105 [Abstract]

Carl Oreland
Family Control in Swedish Public Companies. Implications for Firm Performance, Dividends and CEO Cash Compensation
Economic Studies 106 [Abstract]

Christian Andersson
Teachers and Student Outcomes: Evidence using Swedish Data
Economic Studies 107 [Abstract]

David Kjellberg
Expectations, Uncertainty, and Monetary Policy
Economic Studies 108 [Abstract]


Nikolay Angelov
Essays on unit-root testing and on discrete-response modelling of firm mergers
Economic Studies 92 [Abstract]

Eleni Savvidou
Technology, Human Capital and Labor
Demand Economic Studies 93 [Abstract]

Lars Lindvall
Public Expenditures and Youth Crime
Ecocomic Studies 94[Abstract]

Martin Söderström
Evaluating Institutional Changes in Education and Wage Policy
Economic Studies 95 [Abstract]

Jonas Lagerström
Discrimination, Sickness Absence, and Labor Market Policy
Economic Studies 96[Abstract]

Kerstin Johansson
Empirical essays on labor-force participation, matching, and trade
Economic Studies 97 [Abstract]

Martin Ågren
Essays on Prospect Theory and the Statistical Modeling of Financial Returns
Economic Studies 98 [Abstract

Ruth-Aïda Nahum
Studies on the Determinants and Effects of Health, Inequality and Labour Supply: Micro and Macro Evidence
Economic Studies 99 [Abstract]


Åsa Ahlin
Compulsory Schooling in a Decentralized Setting: Studies of the Swedish Case.
Economic Studies 85 [Abstract]

Tobias Heldt
Sustainable Nature Tourism and the Nature of Tourists' Cooperative Behavior: Recreation Conflicts, Conditional Cooperation and the Public Good Problem.
Economic Studies 86 [Abstract]

Pär Holmberg
Modelling Bidding Behaviour in Electricity Auctions: Supply Function Equlibria with Uncertain Demand and Capacity Constraints.
Economics Studies 87 [Abstract]

Peter Welz
Quantitative New Keynesian Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy.
Economics Studies 88 [Abstract]

Hanna Ågren
Essays on Political Representation, Electoral Accountability and Strategic Interactions.
Economic Studies 89 [Abstract]

Erika Budh
Essays on environmental economics.
Economic Studies 90 [Abstract]

Jie Chen
Empirical Essays on Housing Allowances, Housing Wealth and Aggregate Consumption.
Economic Studies 91 [Abstract]


Pär Österholm
Time Series and Macroeconomics: Studies in Demography and Monetary Policy.
Economic Studies 78 [Abstract]

Mattias Bruér,
Empirical Studies in Demography and Macroeconomics.
Economic Studies 79 [Abstract]

Magnus Gustavsson
Empirical Essays on Earnings Inequality.
Economic Studies 80 [Abstract]

Stefan Toll
Studies in Mortgage Pricing and Finance Theory.
Economics Studies 81 [Abstract]

Patrik Hesselius
Sickness Absence and Labour Market Outcomes.
Economic Studies 82 [Abstract]

Iida Häkkinen
Essays on School Resources, Academic Achievement and Student Employment.
Economic Studies 83 [Abstract] Downloadable from database

Hanna Armelius
Distributional Side Effects of Tax Policies: An Analysis of Tax Avoidance and Congestion Tolls.
Economic Studies 84 [Abstract]


Henrik Huitfeldt
Labour Market Behaviour in a Transition Economy: The Czech Experience.
Economic Studies 70  Abstract

Richard Johnsson
Transport Tax Policy Simulations and Satellite Accounting within a CGE Framework.
Economic Studies 71  Abstract

Ann Öberg
Essays on Capital Income Taxation in the Corporate and Housing Sectors.
Economic Studies 72  Abstract

Fredrik Andersson
Causes and Labor Market Consequences of Producer Heterogeneity.
Economic Studies 73  Abstract

Per Engström
Optimal Taxation in Search Equilibrium.
Economic Studies 74 Abstract

Magnus Lundin
The Dynamic Behavior of Prices and Investment: Financial Constraints and Customer Markets
Economic Studies 75 Abstract

Erika Ekström
Essays on Inequality and Education
Economic Studies 76 Abstract

Bharat Barot
Empirical Studies in Consumption, House Prices and the Accuracy of European Growth and Inflation Forecasts.
Economic Studies 77  Abstract


Magnus Arnek
Empirical Essays on Procurement and Regulation.
Economic Studies 60  Abstract

Henrik Jordahl
Essays on Voting Behavior, Labor Market Policy, and Taxation.
Economic Studies 61  Abstract

Tobias Lindhe
Corporate Tax Integration and the Cost of Capital
Economic Studies 62  Abstract

Daniel Hallberg
Essays on Household Behavior and Time-Use
Economic Studies 63  Abstract

Laura Larsson
Evaluating Social Programs: Active Labor Market Policies and Social Insurance
Economic Studies 64  Abstract

Anders Bergvall
Essays on Exchange Rates and Macroeconomic Stability.
Economic Studies 65  Abstract

Oskar Nordström Skans
Labour Market Effects of Working Time Reductions and Demographic Changes.
Economic Studies 66  Abstract

Joakim Jansson
Empirical Studies in Corporate Finance, Taxation and Investment.
Economic Studies 67  Abstract

Mikael Carlsson
Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Firm Dynamics: Technology, Production and Capital Formation.
Economic Studies 68  Abstract

Stefan Eriksson
The Persistence of Unemployment: Does Competition between Employed and Unemployed Job Applicants Matter?
Economic Studies 69  Abstract


Olof Åslund, Health, Immigration, and Settlement Policies.
Economic Studies 53Abstract

Ranjula Bali Swain, Demand, Segmentation and Rationing in the Rural Credit Markets of Puri.
Economic Studies 54  Abstract

Richard Löfqvist, Tax Avoidance, Dividend Signaling and Shareholder Taxation in an Open Economy.
Economic Studies 55  Abstract

Altin Vejsiu, Essays on Labor Market Dynamics.
Economic Studies 56  Abstract

Erik Zetterström, Residential Mobility and Tenure Choice in the Swedish Housing Market.
Economic Studies 57  Abstract

Sofia Grahn, Topics in Cooperative Game Theory.
Economic Studies 58  Abstract

Stefan Laséen
Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Microeconomic Adjustments: Wages, Capital, and Labor Market Policy.
Economic Studies 59  Abstract


Frida Widmalm, Studies in Growth and Household Allocation.
Economic Studies 48

Sebastian Arslanogullari, Household Adjustment to Unemployment.
Economic Studies 49

Sara Lindberg, Studies in Credit Constraints and Economic Behavior.
Economic Studies 50

Katarina Nordblom, Essays on Fiscal Policy, Growth, and the Importance of Family Altruism.  Economic Studies 51

Björn Andersson, Growth, Saving, and Demography.
Economic Studies 52


Jyry Hokkanen, Interpreting Budget Deficits and Productivity Fluctuations.
Economic Studies 42

Anders Lunander, Bids and Values.
Economic Studies 43

Matias Eklöf, Studies in Empirical Microeconomics.
Economic Studies 44

Eva Johansson, Essays on Local Public Finance and Intergovernmental Grants.
Economic Studies 45

Douglas Lundin, Studies in Empirical Public Economics.
Economic Studies 46

Sten Hansen, Essays on Finance, Taxation and Corporate Investment.
Economic Studies 47


Katinka Hort, On Price Formation and Quantity Adjustment in Swedish Housing Markets.
Economic Studies 34

Thomas Lindström, Studies in Empirical Macroeconomics.
Economic Studies 35

Maria Hemström, Salary Determination in Professional Labour Markets.
Economic Studies 36

Gunnar Forsling, Utilization of Tax Allowances and Corporate Borrowing.
Economic Studies 37

Stefan Nydahl, Essays on Stock Prices and Exchange Rates.
Economic Studies 38

Pål Bergström, Essays in Labour Economics and Econometrics.
Economic Studies 39

Marie Heiborn,  Essays on Demographic Factors and Housing Markets.
Economic Studies 40

Per Åsberg,  Four Essays in Housing Economics.
Economic Studies 41


Peter Fredriksson, Education, Migration and Active Labor Market Policy.
Economic Studies 28

Erik Ekman, Household and Corporate Behaviour under Uncertainty.
Economic Studies 29

Bo Stoltz, Essays on Portfolio Behavior and Asset Pricing.
Economic Studies 30

Matz Dahlberg, Essays on Estimation Methods and Local Public Economics.
Economic Studies 31

Ann-Sofie Kolm, Taxation, Wage formation, Unemployment and Welfare.
Economic Studies 32

Robert Boije, Capitalisation, Efficiency and the Demand for Local Public Services.
Economic Studies 33


Hovick Shahnazarian, Three Essays on Corporate Taxation.
Economic Studies 24

Roger L. Svensson, Foreign Activities of Swedish Multinational Corporations.
Economic Studies 25

Gun Sundberg , Essays on Health Economics.
Economic Studies 26

Hans Sacklén, Essays on Empirical Models of Labor Supply.
Economic Studies 27


Martin Dufwenberg, On Rationality and Belief Formation in Games.
Economic Studies 22

Johan Lindén, Job Search and Wage Bargaining.
Economic Studies 23


Clas Eriksson, Essays on Growth and Distrbution.
Economic Studies 16

Mikael Apel, Essays on Taxation and Economic Behavior.
Economic Studies 18

Hans Dillén, Asset Prices in Open Monetary Economies. A contingent claims approach.
Economic Studies 19

Per Jansson, Essays on Empirical Macroeconomics.
Economic Studies 20


Mats Dillén, Studies in Optimal Taxation, Stabilization, and Imperfect Competition.
Economic Studies 12

Erik Mellander, Measuring Productivity and Inefficiency Without Quantitative Output Data.
Economic Studies 14

Susanne Ackum Agell, Essays on Work and Pay.
Economic Studies 15


Michael Lundholm, Essays in Public Economics.

Bjarne Sloth Jensen, Studies in the Economic Dynamics of Growing Economies.

Apostolos Bantekas, Three Essays on Discrimination and Factor Demand.

Urban Hansson-Brusewitz, Labour Supply of Elderly Men. Do Taxes and Pension Systems Matter?

Petre Badulescu, Technologic Knowledge and Economic Growth.


Byung-Tae Choe, Essays on Concave and Homothetic Utility Functions.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 20

Anders Forslund, Price and Wage Setting Under Imperfect Competition.

Claes-Håkan Gustafsson, Inventory Investment in Manufacturing - Theory and Swedish Evidence.

Per Skedinger, Essays on Wage Formation, Employment, and Unemployment.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 22 (1992)

Bengt Hansson, Measuring and Modelling Technical Change.

Thomas Lindh, Essays on Expectations in Economic Theory.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 21 (1992)

Richard Ilorah, A Study of De-Agriculturalisation in Nigeria.


Johnny Zetterberg, Essays on Inter-Sectoral Wage Differentials.


Jorge D. Dresdner C., The Structuralist Theory of Inflation and Structural Inflation in Chile, 1950-1972: The Lagging Food Hypothesis Revisited.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 19 (1990)

Yngve Lindh, Price Determination in Swedish Manufacturing: Theory and Evidence.


M. Javad Amid, Land Reform and Rural Poverty in Iran: 1962-1978.

Barbara W. Lee, Productivity and Employee Ownership: The Case of Sweden.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 16 (1989)

Per-Anders Edin, Individual Consequences of Plant Closures.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 15 (1989)

C. Michael Wernerheim, The Economic Control of a Renewable Resource Under Sole Ownership. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 18 (1989)


Joyce Dargay, Factor Demand in Swedish Manufacturing: Econometric Analyses.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 14 (1988)

Nils-Henrik Schager, Unemployment, Vacancy Durations and Wage Increases: Applications of Markov Processes to Labour Market Dynamics.

Gudmundur Gunnarsson, Ekonomiska tillväxten på Island 1910-80 - En produktivitetsstudie.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 17 (1989)


Jonas Agell, The Effects of Capital Taxation: An Equilibrium Asset Market Approach.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 9 (1986)

David Atse, Commodity Futures Trading and International Market Stabilization.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 10 (1986)

Charles S. Kimei, Tanzania's Financial Experience in the Post-War Period.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 13 (1987)

Christos Papachristodoulou, Inventions, Innovations and Economic Growth in Sweden: An Appraisal of the Schumpeterian Theory.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 12 (1987)


Epaminondas E. Panas, Almost Homogeneous Functions: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis with Special Emphasis on Labour Input: The Case of Swedish Manufacturing Industries.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 11(1987)


Willie Okowa, The Distributional Impact of Public Policy in Nigeria: A Dualistic Approach.

Lennart Berg, Konsumtion och sparande - en studie av hushållens beteende.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 8 (1983)


Villy Bergström, Studies in Swedish post-war industrial investments.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 7 (1982)

Anders Kristoffersson, Löntagarfonders finansiering och incidens.


Christian Nilsson, Sysselsättning och arbetslöshet - en ekonometrisk analys av den svenska arbetsmarknadens funktionssätt 1964-1977.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 6 (1979)


Roland Spånt, Den svenska inkomstfördelningens utveckling.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 4 (1976)


Jan Södersten, Profit Taxes and Resource Allocation.

Sverker Praski, Econometric Investment Functions and an Attempt to Evaluate the Investment Policy in Sweden 1960-1973.
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomica Upsaliensia 5 (1978)


Ferdinand E. Banks, The World Copper Market: An Economic Analysis.


Lennart Ohlsson, Metallmanufakturindustrin. Produktionsförutsättningar och specialisering i internationell jämförelse.


Gudmundur Magnusson, Production and Risk. A Theoretical Study.


Gunnar Eliasson, Kreditmarknaden och industrins investeringar. En ekonometrisk studie av företagens kortsiktiga investeringar.


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