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Länkarna till vänster innehåller information om publicerade artiklar skrivna av forskare vid institutionen samt om vår Working Paper serie.

Aktuella publikationer i top-fem tidskrifter

Solis A. (forthcoming). "Credit Access and College Enrollment", Journal of Political Economy.

Eriksson, S. and Rooth, D. (2014). "Do Employers Use Unemployment as a Sorting Criterion When Hiring? Evidence from a Field Experiment", American Economic Review, 104(3): 1014-1039.

Kramarz, F. and Nordström Skans, O. (2014). "When strong ties are strong: Family networks and youth labor market entry", Review of Economics Studies, 81(3), 1164–1200.

Lehmann, E., Trannoy, A. and Simula, L. (2014). "Tax Me if You Can! Optimal Income Tax Between Competing Governments". Quarterly Journal of Economics, 129(4): 1995-2030.

Fredriksson, P., Oosterbeek, H. and Öckert, B. (2013). "Long-term effects of class size", Quarterly Journal of Economics, 128(1), 249-285.

Carlsson, M. and Nordström Skans, O. (2012). "Evaluating Micro Foundations for Aggregate Price Rigidities: Evidence from Matched Firm-Level Data on Product Prices and Unit Labor Cost". American Economic Review, 104(4), 1571-95.

Dahlberg, M., Edmark, K. and Lundqvist, H. (2012). "Ethnic Diversity and Preferences for Redistribution", Journal of Political Economy, 120(1), 41-76.


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