Work Environment at the Department of Economics

Work Environment Group

The Department’s work environment group works with measures to promote a good working environment for both employees and students. The group formulates a work environment plan with concrete measures to improve the working environment.

The work environment group consists of representatives of teachers, administrative staff, graduate students and students. The members are elected by the board.

The work environment group 2018-01-01-- 2018-12-31


Eva Mörk (chairperson)

Magnus Gustavsson

Tobias Laun

Administrative staff

Johanna Mörk

Ann-Sofie Wettergren

Graduate student

Melinda Suveg




Plan for workenvironment efforts

Plan for work environment efforts

Safety Officer

The safety officer is the employees' elected representative in work environment issues and is responsible for monitoring that the employer fulfills his or her responsibilities in work environment issues. The tasks of the safety officer are to promote a good work environment, prevent illness and accidents, handle documents concerning work issues, and manage confidentiality and privacy. The safety officer is elected by the employees for a period of three years.

The Department’s safety officer

Ann-Sofie Wettergren Djerf,, 018-4715107.
Johanna Reine (students' safety officer)


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