Kurser vid Nationalekonomiska institutionen


Alla förstaårskurser är obligatoriska och ges i Uppsala.

Höstterminen 2017

Course description autumn 2017 

Mathematical Methods I
(Aug. 14 – Exam Sept. 1)
Chuang-Zhong Li and Lucas Tilley (TA)

Microeconomics I
(Sept. 4 – Exam Sept. 22)
Sebastian Koehne  and Dagmar Müller (TA)

Mathematical Methods II
(Sept. 25 – Exam Oct. 13)
Sebastian Koehne and Sofia Hernnäs (TA)

Mathematical Methods III
(Oct. 16 – Exam Nov. 16)
Sebastian Koehne, TBA and Sofia Hernnäs (TA)

Time Series Analysis
(Starts November 20)
Lars Forsberg and Paulina Jonéus

Macroeconomics I
(Okt. 19 – Exam Dec. 11)
George Graetz, Daria Finochiaro and Sofia Hernnäs

Examination information
Literature 2017

Vårterminen 2017

Course description

Econometrics I
(Jan. 16 – Exam March 14)
Alex Solis, Martin Nybom and Stefano Lombardi (TA)

Micro Theory II
(Jan. 17 – Exam March 21)
Ola Andersson and Dagmar Müller (TA)

Macro Theory II
(March 24 - Exam May 31)
Stefan Eriksson, David Vestin and Maria Sandström (TA)

Econometrics II
(March 27 - Exam May 22)
Luca Repetto and Stefano Lombardi (TA)

Examination information
Literature 2017


Andraårskurser kan tas i Uppsala och/eller Stockholm.

Second-year Courses

Second-year courses can be taken in Uppsala and/or in Stockholm.

Courses in Uppsala:

Labor II for PhD students – fall 2017

This course is part of a sequence of four courses in labor economics given jointly by Stockholm and Uppsala. Students are strongly encouraged to take Labor I in Stockholm as a prerequisite, as well as to take Labor III & IV in 2018, also in Stockholm. For more information please visit  http://www.ne.su.se/english/education/2.3646/2017-2018/course-programme-year-2-2017-2018-1.331544.

Course contents
Labor II covers:
- Neo-classical labor demand with applications to technological change (job polarization), minimum wages and migration (Georg Graetz)
- Matching, sorting, hiring under uncertainty and networks (Oskar Nordström Skans)
- Unemployment insurance: theory and empirics (Arash Nekoei and David Seim)

The course is worth 7.5 credits. To pass the course, students must fulfil the following requirement
​-Attend lectures and participate actively
- Write a mock referee report (about 3-5 pages each) on a recent working paper related to the course materials (choose from a list of working papers that will be made available after the course has started)
-Pass the final exam

Lectures are held at Ekonomikum in Uppsala, Tuesdays and Fridays during weeks 44-48, from 09:15-12:00​, A128. (Nov 3rd - B125)
Exam: Jan 19th, 9am-2pm, Bergsbrunnagatan sal 1 https://use.mazemap.com/#v=1&zlevel=1&left=17.6567906&right=17.6712202&top=59.8573502&bottom=59.8539306&campuses=uu&campusid=49

Georg Graetz (organizer, contact: georg.graetz@nek.uu.se), Arash Nekoei , Oskar Nordström Skans, David Seim

Economic Analysis of Social Problems

Joint with Stockholm University, Starts in April 2018

This course is about the economic approach to studying various social issues. Topics covered include: (i) inequality, (ii) effects of environment/pollution, (iii) social networks, (iv), criminal activity, (v) gender, (vi) immigration. The aim of the course is to provide an overview to the literature with a focus on work in the research frontier. Another goal is to give Ph.D.-students early in their careers exposure to carrying out their own empirical micro oriented research. To achieve this attention will be paid to the different steps in the research process including: idea generation, how to find appropriate data, econometric methods to answer the question at hand, etc. Students are expected to carry out their own original research to meet the course requirements. The examination consists of a term paper as well as several brief proposals of research ideas.   

7,5 credits. Lectures and single meetings with the teachers to discuss the research proposals. Final grade: research proposals and term paper.

Hans Grönqvist and Peter Nilsson (IIES). For questions, contact Hans Grönqvist (hans.gronqvist@nek.uu.se)

Kurser i Stockholm:

Courses given in cooperation with the Departments of Economics at Stockholm University and Stockholm School of Economics


Antagningsansvarig, forskarutbildningen:
Arizo Karimi
Telefon: (+46) 18 - 471 51 31
E-mail: arizo.karimi@nek.uu.se

Studierektor, forskarutbildningen:
Mikael Bask
Telefon: (+46) 18 - 471 51 17
E-mail: mikael.bask@nek.uu.se