Literature - Department of Economics

The literature for the courses Economics A, Economics B and Economics C consists of textbooks, articles and other kinds of material. The textbooks are available for purchase in bookstores as well as for reading in the University Library. The articles used can in most cases be downloaded through the University Library’s website. Lecture notes and other material is available for downloading through the course pages at the Student Portal.

Reading list spring semester 2017 (Swedish only)

Reading list autumn semester 2016 (Swedish only)

Reading list autumn semester 2017 (Swedish only)


Study Counsellor:
Nina Andersson
phone: (+46)18 - 471 51 08

Directors of Undergraduate Studies:

Tomas Guvå
phone: (+46)18 - 471 51 28

Per Engström
phone: (+46)18 - 4717634