Examination Rules & Grading - Department of Economics

Exams are given after each course – one regular exam and one re-exam. Exams which are part of a course are given one of the following grades: Fail (U), Pass (G) or Pass with distinction (VG).

Signing up for an exam

Signing up for exams (regular or re-exams) is done using the Student Portal. This normally has to be done at least 12 days prior to the day of the exam. You will not get a seat in the examination hall if you have not signed up for it in time.

At the time of the exam, each student needs to identify him- or herself using a valid photo ID. Please note that the exam will not be corrected if this requirement is not met.

Examination results and return

The results of the exams are sent to the student’s e-mail address through the Student Portal. The exams can be collected by the student at the reception on the ground floor Monday-Thursday 08:00-21:00, Friday 08:00-19:00 and Saturday 09:00-16:00 (bring a photo ID). The exams are available for return for two years after the initial exam date.

Reconsideration of exam results

According to the Higher Education Ordinance, an examiner should change his or her grading if it is clearly incorrect due to new circumstances or other reasons. If you believe that the correction or grading of your exam is clearly incorrect, then you should not collect your exam. Instead, you should ask the person handing out the exams for a copy of your exam and the form ”Reappraisal of examination results” ("Omprövning av tentamensresultat"). Use this form to indicate which questions you believe were corrected or graded incorrectly. These questions will then be reviewed once more by the examiner.

If you feel that you have received the wrong grade or that the examination and/or grading has been carried out incorrectly – and if you have brought this to the examiner’s attention without him or her taking any action – then it is possible for you to take your case to the Uppsala University’s grading ombudsmen. The grading ombudsmen are two professors with a great deal of experience in examinations within different fields. They have been appointed by the Vice-chancellor after consultations with the Chairperson of the Student Union. It is, however, important to note that the grading ombudsmen cannot by themselves change any grades or make other formal decisions.

New course literature

Please note that the course literature are changed on a regular basis – both due to new editions of textbooks, as well as due to new textbooks and articles being included. After each course, a regular exam is given in addition to a re-exam, as well as (ordinarily) yet another re-exam each August. Apart from these instances, it is normally not possible to take the exam again. For this reason, it is strongly advised that you take the exam for each course the same semester. That the course literature has been altered is not a valid reason for requesting another opportunity to take an exam.

Cheating and plagiarism

The Higher Education Ordinance stipulates that disciplinary action may be taken against a student who:

  1. By the use of non-approved tools or in other ways tries to mislead during exams or when course work is evaluated.
  2. Disrupts or obstructs instruction, exams or other kinds of activities carried out within the framework of the teaching at the educational institution.

If the examination supervisor suspects that some form of cheating is taking place, he or she is required to talk to the student and take possession of possible evidence. All suspicions are then reported to the Department. The Department is then required to report every suspicion of cheating or every attempt to cheat to the Vice-chancellor, who in turn decides whether or not the matter should be brought to the University’s special Disciplinary Board. A student found guilty of cheating or attempting to cheat may receive a warning or be suspended for six months.


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