Undergraduate Studies at the Department of Economics

Photo: Iffat Khan

Are you interested in socioeconomic issues like, for example, how economic growth can be explained, why we have business cycles, what determines unemployment and inflation, how the financial sector works or how prices are set in a market?

Studying economics gives you the tools – in the form of theoretical and empirical methods – necessary for analysing these and many other important issues.

The undergraduate education in economics consists of three semester-long courses, which can be taken within the framework of a degree programme or independently. The first course is Economics A. After that, you can continue by taking the intermediate courses Economics B and Economics C which, combined with courses in other subjects, can lead up to a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Economics. In most of our undergraduate courses the language of instruction is Swedish, but some intermediate courses are given in English. 

A Bachelor’s degree in economics prepares you well for qualified jobs in the private and public sectors, as well as for further studies in economics.

You can read more about our BA-level courses using the link ”Future Students”. Using the link ”Current Students”, you will find useful information if you are already enrolled in one of our courses. Please feel free to contact our study counsellor if you need further information.


Study Counsellor:
Nina Andersson
phone: (+46)18 - 471 51 08
e-mail: nina.andersson@nek.uu.se

Directors of Undergraduate Studies:

Tomas Guvå
phone: (+46)18 - 471 51 28
e-mail: tomas.guva@nek.uu.se

Per Engström
phone: (+46)18 - 4717634
e-mail: Per.Engstrom@nek.uu.se