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Studying in Uppsala

It is no exaggeration to say that Uppsala is a pre-eminent student town. More than 40,000 students shape the life in Sweden's fourth-largest city. Our students live in a cultural setting with roots harking back several centuries and can experience student activities far beyond the ordinary. They live the traditional life of a student, both every day and on festive occasions – in student housing corridors and at student social clubs, called nations. Ball gowns and tie-and-tails elegance jostles with discos and pubs, and theater groups are just as self-evident as floor ball teams.

As you will soon notice, much of the student life in the city takes place around the 13 student nations, which become a second home to many of Uppsala's students. Student nations offer a wide range of activities, from choirs to different sports, but they also provide cheap lunch, pubs, clubs, housing, libraries, famous "fika" breaks (i.e coffee breaks) and much more.

The student unions on the other hand deal with issues concerning education, health and welfare, equality, internationalisation, housing and economy. Their main goal is to protect and promote the interests of Uppsala University students. The unions are created and run by students, for students.

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Studying at the Department

The Department of Economics is responsible for Uppsala University’s teaching and research in Economics. We are one of the largest departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences: Presently, we have around 100 employees and each year about 1,000 students participate in our courses at the BA-, MA- and PhD levels. We have a long history – the first chair in Economics in Uppsala was established in 1741. The Department is located at Ekonomikum in central Uppsala and surrounded by a park, where you can study, hang out and relax in between lectures. As a student you have access to modern facilities in well-equipped labs, lecture rooms and in the library. Free Wi-Fi is available on the campus.

We also encourage our students to make use of the numerous possibilities for students to get active. Besides the nations and student union, there are numerous student associations connected to Ekonomikum. Take a look at the different organisations here.

Foreign Students

As a foreign student, you should be prepared that being a student in Sweden can differ from what you are used to in your home country. Structures are not as hierarchical as in most other countries and Swedish people are generally very easygoing and informal. We do our best to help you and try to give you as good a study experience as possible. However, in return you are expected to take responsibility for your own success and use your freedoms in a way which benefits your studies. The social and problem solving skills you gain while studying for your degree will be a valuable asset in your future career. More information about what to expect is provided by the student union.



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