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Studying economics at Uppsala University is a good choice for anyone who wants to have a qualified career within the private or public sector. Surveys have shown that our students can look forward to a good job market after graduating. In comparison to other degrees, chances for finding employment right after graduating are good, and the vast majority get qualified, well-paid jobs.

Swedish University Ranking (Urank)

Each year Urank conducts an independent survey of Swedish universities and colleges based on data from the Swedish Council for Higher Education and Statistics Sweden, in addition to other kinds of public data. In the latest ranking, Uppsala University received the grade of being the best university for studying economics. You can read more here (Swedish only).

The Swedish Council for Higher Education’s survey over programmes in economics

In 2011, the Swedish Council for Higher Education conducted a survey to what degree programmes in economics at Swedish universities live up to their degree goals. Our programmes were all given the grade ”high level of goal fulfilment”. Our MA-programme was presented as the best of its kind in Sweden – no other MA-programme was given a higher grade. In their report, the examiners write:

The overall assessment is that the programme lives up to a high degree of goal fulfilment. The selection of independent essays indicates a very high level of goal fulfilment when it comes to the students’ abilities to critically and systematically integrate knowledge, in addition to being able to analyse, evaluate and address complex phenomena, hypotheses and situations even when given a limited amount of information. Regarding other degree goals, the data indicates a high level of goal fulfilment.

You can read the whole report here (Swedish only) or a summary in the journal Ekonomisk Debatt here (Swedish only).

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise’s survey – the quality of universities and colleges

Each year, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise conducts a questionnaire survey amongst alumni from Swedish universities and colleges. The Department’s advanced level programmes received very high grades in the last survey. Our programmes are ranked amongst the highest among social sciences when it comes to the proportion of alumni in qualified employment after graduating. Also when it comes to wages, prospects are good for our students. You can read more about this survey here (Swedish only).

The survey shows that:

• 87% have qualified employment
• 80% got a job soon after graduating
• 100% are employed
• Average monthly salary: SEK 24,258
• 93% said that their degree was a major factor for getting a job
• 80% would chose the same programme again

Uppsala University’s survey of alumni

In the University's latest alumni survey (2008), students who received a degree in Economics in 2005 or 2006 were asked about the programme and their careers. You can read the whole report here (Swedish only). The survey shows that:

• 82% were employed within six months after graduating, and no one stated that they were unemployed
• 86% say that the programme was relevant for their work
• 78% are very satisfied with their job
• The most common positions are analyst, administrator, PhD student, investigator, manager and advisor.
• 61% work in the private sector and 31% in the public sector
• 15% have a monthly salary exceeding SEK 40,000 and 52% have a monthly salary in the range of SEK 25,000 to SEK 40,000.


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