Practical Information for Admitted Students - Department of Economics

Once you are admitted, the programme coordinators and the International Office will contact you well before the programme starts, and provide you with information about your studies in addition to important practical matters. However, some matters are more urgent than others and we recommend that youtake care of some issues, such as visa applications and housing, as soon as possible. Below you will find some information about the most important matters.

Upon commencing the programme, you will have a welcome meeting organised by the Department and our student organisation Pareto, where you will have the opportunity to get to know the programme coordinators and some of the second-year students, as well as getting detailed information about the programme. Once you arrive in Uppsala, also make sure to get in contact with our study councellor Nina Andersson in order to get access to the university network and email and register for courses. If you had not yet received your degree by the time of your application, you must show proof of bachelor’s degree before you can get registered in the programme. Please contact Nina Andersson as soon as you arrive to avoid problems or waiting times at the beginning of the term.


Paying international students are guaranteed housing during the first year of their studies. Unfortunately, everyone else has to find housing on their own, which can be difficult in Uppsala. While we cannot give you any foolproof advice on how to find housing, we can just advise you to start looking early and put some effort to it. The very best guide to housing is compiled by the student union and we strongly advise you to follow the security recommendations it contains. You may also have to be prepared to accept a temporary solution in the beginning. But don’t worry too much, in the end everything will work out. If it looks like you will not have any place to stay upon arrival, be sure to book a bed in a hostel in good time; hostels tend to be fully booked at the beginning of the semester as well.

Housing guide by the student union

Studentboet - the student union's webpage with extensive information concerning student housing in Uppsala 

Providers of student housing

There is also formal student housing in Uppsala, but in order to get a room one usually needs a substantial number of queuing days. Chances to get a room through the formal system are small if you have not been on the waiting list for a couple of years (the exact waiting time differs according to the type and location of housing that you are applying for as well as on the time of the year). Nonetheless, it may be a good idea to sign up on the waiting lists of different companies which provide student housing. Other providers of housing are the nations. For private housing, make sure to check out the ads on the online portal Blocket.

Studentstaden - the largest provider of student housing in Uppsala. Sign up as early as possible to collect queuing points (free to register).

Uppsalahem - largest provider of housing in Uppsala (not only for students). Sign up to collect queuing points.

Uppsala Akademiförvalting - student housing in Lilla Sunnersta. Sign up to collect queuing points.

Heimstaden - student housing in Flogsta. Sign up to collect queuing points.

The student nations - provide student housing. Quantities and eligibility for housing can differ between nations. You apply directly at the respective nation.

Blocket - Sweden's largest online market place. You can find private accommodation and second-hand contracts. Make sure to follow the safety regulations as described by the student union!

International Students

EU/EES citizens do not need a visa to stay in Sweden. You will, however, have to obtain a residence permit on your arrival. Find out more about the Registration of Right of Residence. You will also have to show that you have a valid medical insurance. Remember that the European Health Care Card can only be obtained from your land of permanent residence - you cannot organise this after your arrival in Sweden.

All other citizens will need to obtain a visa (or residence permit) to stay in Sweden. To apply for a visa you will need your Acceptance Letter and, amongst other things, proof that you can support yourself financially for your stay in Sweden. The current amount needed is SEK 7,300 per month. See the Migration Board's homepage for more information about visas.

Once you arrive, you should also try to receive a personal number which is the key to everything in Sweden: Health care, bank accounts, paying for the bus, Swedish classes, work, etc. The procedures differ a bit depending on whether you are a EU citizen or not. If you come from outside the EU and already have a residence permit through your visa, you can go directly to the tax office (Skatteverket, Kungsängsgatan 43) and apply for the number. EU citizens first have to visit the Migration Board (Migrationsverket, Bolandsgatan 10) to get their residence permit. Once you have this document, go to the tax office to register and receive your personal number. Make sure to read the instructions at the tax agency's homepage carefully and gather all necessary documentation. It can take several weeks to receive the personal number, and it is really useful to have it, so be sure to apply for it as soon as possible!

It is also a good idea to have a look at the student union's homepage before you arrive. You can find excessive and helpful information about health care, insurance and rules for opening a bank account in Sweden. If you have any other questions, you can also contact the university's International Office and have a look at the International Student Guide (click on the link in the right-hand column in the new window).


Master's Programme Coordinator
Contact me for information about the programme, course contents etc.

Oscar Erixson
phone: (+46)18 – 471 51 12

Study Counsellor
Contact me if you have questions concerning adminstrative issues, registration for courses etc.

Nina Andersson
phone: (+46)18 - 471 51 08

International Office
Contact us if you have general questions about studying in Uppsala, the application process, scholarships etc.

Lina Solander

Directors of Master's Programme

Per Engström
phone: (+46)18 - 4717634