Students with Children - Department of Economics

Uppsala University has a parental policy which, among other things, states that in order to make it easier for students with children to plan their studies, it is important that the departments have well-developed routines for scheduling so that the students can make plans for childcare. In addition to the general adjustments, it is important that administrators, teachers and examiners show an understanding for problems which may arise and show flexibility and a willingness to find individual solutions to various problems, like, for example, taking care of sick children.

The Department has appointed a contact person for students with children with whom it is possible to discuss problems as they arise in addition to possible individual adjustments. The contact person for students with children at the Department of Economics is study counsellor Nina Andersson.

Read Uppsala University’s parental policy (Swedish only)




Study Counsellor:
Nina Andersson
phone: (+46)18 - 471 51 08