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The Uppsala EBA Student Association

The Uppsala Business and Economics Student Association, Uppsalaekonomerna, is the student union at the department and offers a wide range of activities within the associations three pillars; education, leisure and future. As a member, which is free of charge, you get access to roughly 80 different activities each year. We are situated at Borgen in the Observatoriepark at Kyrkogårdsgatan 2B. You are always welcome to visit for a cup of coffee to learn more about what we do or if you just want to heat your lunchbox.

As a student union we have a full time working head of education that exists to improve the education at the university and to help students with study related matters. We can help with questions regarding everything from exams to admission, exchange and CSN. To learn more and to get in contact with us you can visit:

The education committee works with various projects that is connected to the education. This includes information about exchange, choosing courses and tips to study better. Visit the website for more information about the committee:

Welcome to Uppsalaekonomerna and Borgen!

Pareto Uppsala

”Pareto Uppsala Economic Association”, commonly referred to as Pareto, is a non-profit student organisation formed in the fall of 2010. Pareto’s purpose is to promote and increase student interest in various topics of economics. A diversity of scholarly views and interdisciplinary perspectives is encouraged in our activities and operations. An additional aim of the organisation is to spread knowledge and stimulate debate about economic issues outside of Pareto’s member circle.

Pareto organises lectures, debates, seminars, workshops and other similar activities to achieve its goals, often in cooperation with potential employers such as Copenhagen Economics or Oxford Research. Additionally Pareto offers social events like pub nights, quizzes, Christmas parties and more.

Another strand of the organisation's work is concerned with educational quality. The idea to form a committee working with educational issues developed during the fall term of 2011 when several Master’s students began discussing issues of educational quality and study structure. Pareto’s educational committee was then founded with the aim of improving the economics education at Uppsala University in terms of both organisation and quality. To achieve this goal, the committee cooperates intensively with the department of economics.

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Uppsala Politicesstuderande UPS

UPS stands for Uppsala Politicesstuderande, “Uppsala Political Science Students”. It is the program association for both Batchelor and Masters Students in political science. The association has around 400 members. The association was created in 1995 with two goals: firstly to give all members the best possible education and secondly to build social relationships between the students.

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The Alumni Association

The Alumni association for everyone who has completed a Batchelor or Master in political science, economics or statistics at Uppsala University.

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Study Counsellor:
Nina Andersson
phone: (+46)18 - 471 51 08