Course Evaluations & Quality Assurance - Department of Economics

We conduct two types of course evaluations, ongoing and final.

Ongoing Evaluations

At the start of a course, a link for complaints and suggestions is opened and kept open throughout the course. The students can use this link to send their opinions about the ongoing course to the director of studies. The director will then inform the teacher involved. We cannot promise to make changes to an ongoing course, even if there is cause to do so, as some changes require time and planning. However, whenever possible, we strive to take action. Of course, we will use all feedback to develop the course for future students.

Final Evaluations

All courses at the department are evaluated at the end of the course. Final evaluations are conducted in the form of paper surveys, web-based surveys and meetings with students. The form of the evaluation is determined by the focus of the evaluation. This means that some evaluations are general, while others are specific to a particular course. The questionnaires are structured around concrete questions to make the results useful when making improvments. Paper surveys are used the first time a course is given or when a course has been substantially changed. The evaluation of a course is included in the course schedule to ensure a high response rate. When a course has been established, we sometimes use short web-based surveys consisting of standardized questions. Sometimes, we use specifically designed surveys to get the students’ opinions about specific issues. If necesery, we can also arrange for informal evaluation meetings at the end of a course. Evaluation meetings are used as a complement to other forms of evaluations. We will also use these meetings to get the students’ opinions about ideas and suggestions for changes in courses and the development of new courses.

Follow-up of Course Evaluations

All course evaluations are summarized by the director of studies and the results are given to the teachers. The director and the teachers then discuss the results and suggestions for improvements. Personal discussions between the director of studies and teachers will take place even when courses have worked out well. The summary of the course evaluations and the possible actions taken to improve the course are archived and is accessible to anyone interested.

Read more about Uppsala University’s guidelines for course evaluations (Swedish only)


Study Counsellor:
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