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The Swedish Discrimination Act

At Uppsala University, no one should face discrimination due to sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age. This is stated in the Swedish Discrimination Act. The University has a plan for equal treatment of students.

Read more about the Swedish Discrimination Act at the website of the Swedish Government

Read more about Uppsala University's plan for equal treatment of students (Swedish only)

Read more about University policies against discrimination


If you have you been subjected to harassment or discrimination based on one or more of the grounds for discrimination mentioned in the Discrimination Acts, you can make a formal complaint. You could contact:

  • Head of the Department Per-Anders Edin (per-anders.edin@nek.uu.se)
  • Deputy Head of the Department Eva Mörk (eva.mork@nek.uu.se)
  • Equality representative Stefan Eriksson (stefan.eriksson@nek.uu.se)
  • Uppsala University’s Equality Office (likavillkor@uadm.uu.se)

All complaints received are treated with the utmost consideration to the notifier and will not be disclosed to others except those who are directly affected.

Read more about Uppsala University’s guidelines for dealing with harassment cases under the Discrimination Act(Swedish only)




Study Counsellor:
Nina Andersson
phone: (+46)18 - 471 51 08
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